Step-by-Step Guide

Follow our foolproof guide to make your own perfect Neapolitan Pizza in 12 simple steps! You can even download our snazzy PDF guide below. 

Step 1

Prepare your grill to the maximum temperature setting. Heat a frying pan on medium heat (do not add oil). 

Step 2

Tip the flour onto the surface and lightly dust both sides of a dough ball. 

Step 3

Remove any excess flour, press into the dough using your fingertips only. 

Step 4

Once the dough is the size of your hand, begin your attempt to slap it out.  

Step 5

If not, gently stretch on the dome of a mixing bowl or use the edge of the countertop to create the perfect circle.

Step 6

Turn up the heat and place your pizza disc into the frying pan, making sure it covers the entire surface. 

Step 7

Add a thin layer of tomato sauce, leaving a border around the edge. 

Step 8

Distribute the mozzarella evenly and sprinkle on the parmigiano. 

Step 9

Add the basil leaves and drizzle on a couple of swirls of olive oil.

Step 10

Cook for 1-2mins until the underside of the pizza has browned. 

Step 11

Place the pan directly under the grill at the maximum temperature. Cook for 1-2mins until the crust rises and darkens in colour.

Step 12

Take out of the oven and eat whilst hot! A real taste of Napoli at home.